Channels: Artistic


This is the final channel for the assignment. I determined that it could be symbolic of a body writhing in its final throws of existence, purity, blood and death all combined against a stark black backdrop, and that the material could swing from side to side. The addition of a level of movement would help to explain my definition.


Channels: Imperative


For imperative, I decided to base my picture on commercial advertising, assuming that the T shirt was a new piece of fashion clothing. The first picture (a diptych) was the chosen image for submission for this assignment.

The Body Abstract

abstract5webabstract44web abstract49web For this assignment we were asked to produce an image of the body but in an abstract form, I decided to photograph myself. I am definitely not model material and did not fancy getting nude, so instead I shot my hands and face. The photographs were produced by changing the colour temperature on the camera and shooting multiple exposures. I did not want to use Adobe Photoshop but wanted to see what could be achieved by using the capabilities of the camera and a flash gun.