Allotment life: 28th October

IMG_3231 IMG_3239 IMG_3270 IMG_3272 IMG_3273 IMG_3194 IMG_3210IMG_3229

The allotment feels as if it is closing down for the impending winter months. But amongst the wilting plants, remnants of the summer can still be found.


Allotment Life: August 30th



It’s been a few months since I last went to the allotment.  The abundance of colour and fullness of greenery is truly beautiful, and the allotment holders are now really reaping the rewards of all their hard work.

Allotment life: 28th April

_MG_7323_MG_7355_MG_7424_MG_7358 After a day of rain and more rain I went down the allotment in the early evening during a respite in the weather. It is interesting to see the various patterns and shapes that are formed by the various constructions in the allotment space.The third picture features one of my favourite sheds, it used to be a carriage used at Heathrow airport for transporting luggage.

Allotment life: 23rd April


It was a typical April day, plenty of overcast skies and rain. Only the brave would venture down the allotment today. I saw three stalwarts working hard on their plots, but didn’t want to disturb them as they worked on their land, but there are plenty of interesting items to photograph in and around the plots.


Allotment life: April 14th

_MG_7171 copy_MG_7114 copy_MG_7110 copy_MG_7098 copy_MG_7106 copy_MG_7109 copy

Since my last visit, the blossom has come out on many of the Apple trees which adds a nice bit of colour to the green and brown landscape. The plots are not all full of vegetables, many seasoned allotment holders also have a patch of flowers to encourage bees to their plot. In the first picture, Brian is preparing a frame for his runner beans, he has been using the same wood for three years running and it still looks good to me. In the fifth picture is Linda. Linda and George were working hard on their allotment, removing weeds from their beds, overlooked by their lovely Alsatian Mac, who was enjoying the sunshine.