5th October 2015

Hello my name is Shaun Jackson, I qualified with a first class Honours Degree in Photography in July 2015.  Based in Farnborough Hampshire, I am now  looking for work opportunities in and around the Hampshire, Surrey, and London area.

You can contact me via shaunjpics@gmail.com.

I am also in the process of changing my web presence to shaunjacksonphoto, with a new blog (www.shaunjacksonphoto.wordpress.com) and also a new website coming soon. (www.shaunjacksonphoto.co.uk)


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi you give me your facebook page on Saturday night so i could have a look at your photos from Saturday night but cannot find your facebook page please could you add me? tina n eric connick thank you….xxx


    1. Hi Tina, I have sent you a message via Facebook. I cannot seem to add people to my shaunjpics page, only my personal page, which doesn’t show any of my pics.

      I have sent you a couple of search options which I hope means you can find the pics.

      Best wishes


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