Work Experience The Daily Telegraph: Friday 7th February

Today was an exceptional opportunity. I met Jane, an award winning Telegraph photographer at Christie’s the famous auction house in London. The job was to photograph items that were going to feature in an auction on the 13th February. The first piece was by Francis Bacon entitled ‘Portrait of George Dyer talking’. I was in awe of its physical size, a bit too large for my living room and a tad above my budget, with a guide price of £30 million. Not sure my student finance loan will stretch that far. _MG_56631 copy

The second piece was by Gerhard Richter entitled ‘Abstraktes Bild’, the price was available of request, something tells me expensive._MG_57321 copy

There were also other pieces available including; Domenico Gnoli’s ‘Black Hair’, as well as work by Damian Hirst._MG_57011a copy_MG_5752-21 copy_MG_5748-21 copy

We were not alone at the press call, there was a mass of photographers from other agencies and newspapers as well as  security, just in case we decided to try and slide a picture into a camera bag._9_701 copy_MG_57391 copy

One of my personal favourite pieces was Jeff Koons ‘Cracked Egg (Magenta)’ with an estimate of £10 to £15 million. It was quite hard to photograph as every surface was reflective, as well as the crowd of other photographers all vying to get a good position._9_111 copy_9_241 copy_9_56-21 copy_9_141 copy

At the Dale Chihuly exhibition, Paul had taught me that it was important to try to get people in the shot as this helps to add perspective and proportion and allows the viewer to judge the objects physical size, but I learn’t from Jane that with picture art, it is important to obtain a straight head on shot, something that I didn’t manage to do.

In the afternoon Jane and I were sent to take a portrait shot of Matthew Elliot, the founder of the TPA for a features article. I took a few shots around Jane, but I had a problem with my flash, which turned out to be flat batteries. It was impressive seeing how quickly she saw the correct signifiers in and around the office to pull a great portrait. She changed lenses so quickly that it was like watching a magician._9_94 copy_9_1131 copy

All in all, it was an amazing week, such a fantastic experience working with not one, but four professional photographers who all worked differently but produced superb results.  I gained some really valuable information from all of the people who I met throughout the week and found it a truly worthwhile experience. Now I need to find another five days to complete this assignment.


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