Work Experience The Daily Telegraph: Thursday 6th February

On Thursday I was working in the studio, firstly with a photographer called Chris, his first job was to photograph what is called a bi-line picture. It’s the little picture that you see along with the journalists name at the beginning of an article.  When shooting portraits at university, we always have to use a tripod, but it was nice to see in the real world that the photographer can have the flexibility to shoot in and around their subject without this restraint._MG_5538 copy_MG_5542 copy

The next session was with Andrew, a contract photographer since 1998.  His job was to photograph the journalist Hannah Betts for an article based on The Daily Telegraph’s vintage ‘page for women’. She was a really charming person and very easy to photograph. I sneaked a few shots around Andrew using the light of the studio. _MG_5551 copy_MG_5609 copy_MG_5552 copy_MG_5598 copy_MG_5590 copy

I was then working again with Chris, who is an award winning photographer.  The job was to photograph over 100 items of food packaging, front and back, for an article all about nutrition.  It is part of the remit of all of the photographers that they photograph whatever is required, even pack shots. _MG_5619 copy_MG_5624 copy    

For the final part of the day, I watched Andrew photograph various flowers, this was for an article for valentines day.  _MG_5645 copy

All in all it was a very good day and I felt that I gained really valuable information about different ways of working within the studio environment as well as having the pleasure of watching two consummate professionals work. (Thanks Christopher Pledger for taking my photograph)._MG_5634


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