Work Experience The Daily Telegraph: Tuesday 4th February

I was looked after by a lovely lady called Lisa, who allocates the jobs for the photographers at the Telegraph.  I was sent to the Halcyon Gallery in New Bond Street for 9am to meet Paul a contract photographer, to photograph the artist Dale Chihuly and his gorgeous glass work.  I was given free reign to photograph as I wanted, but I soon learn’t that other photographers will vie for your position and quite happily stand in front of you and take your shot.  This just seems to be standard behaviour, but everybody seems to stay calm and not get annoyed with each other, as most of these photographers have known each other for a long time and know the score. These guys are professionals and at the end of the day, their livelihood depends on getting great shots. I soon manned up and got amongst the fray to make sure I got some shots.   There was so much beautiful work on display in such a stunning space that I could have easily spent all day there.

_MG_5396 copy _MG_5393 copy _MG_5379 copy _MG_5340 copy _MG_5316 copy _MG_5302 copy _MG_5298 copy _MG_5529 copy _MG_5523 copy _MG_5288 copy _MG_5502 copy _MG_5499 copy _MG_5493 copy _MG_5477 copy _MG_5468 copy _MG_5442 copy _MG_5423 copy

One of the keys to success is getting your images back to the paper or your agency quickly, but they still have to be great pics, nice and sharp, and show all the correct signifiers. In this case we sat in Paul’s car while he reviewed and edited his photographs, his work was fantastic, he had so many great images to choose from. His next job was to photograph a CEO of an internet company.  This company were in the process of relocating and their existing office was looking a bit tired.  But Paul managed to create a series of great portrait shots out of virtually nothing. He pulled bits and pieces together from around the office, set up lighting and went about his work.  I would like to have had a couple of shots myself, but I felt that it wasn’t really appropriate.  It was then back to the car for more editing and sending, before we went on to our final job which was to try and photograph Lord Smith, the environment minister. This was a speculative shoot, and we sat outside his house in case he returned.  After an hour, Paul very kindly said I could go as he would have to stay there in case he arrived.

It was a very varied day, but great to work with someone who had such vision and experience as well as being very generous with their knowledge.


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