Work Experience The Daily Telegraph: Monday 3rd February

_MG_5232 copy_MG_5228 copy

My first morning at the Daily Telegraph was spent with Shaz, he is an assistant picture editor. His role involves finding photographs to suit the stories based on the newsroom diary. In a day the picture editors will evaluate approximately 40,000 images. Any images he likes goes into a separate file, a kind of taster for the picture editor to review and choose throughout the day._MG_5145

There is a mid morning meeting with key journalists and editors to discuss stories that are likely to feature within the paper. These can change depending on what stories develop, but it allows the picture editor to focus on the main news photographs required as well as allocating staff photographers for shoots._MG_5153 copy

The morning had a surprise in store when there was a suspected fire within the building and we were all evacuated until the London Fire Brigade checked the five story building and made sure it was safe. Thankfully it was._MG_5211 copy_MG_5202 copy_MG_5172 copy

In the afternoon I was sent on my own to photograph Dave Lee Travis leaving Southwark Crown Court._MG_5247 copy

I arrived at the court about 3pm and stood on my own for a bit, before introducing myself to the other photographers. There was a slight bit of suspicion about my intentions, but I explained that I was a mature student studying a degree in photography.  There was a bit of banter about me being the oldest student in town, but they were a good fun bunch and gave me some valuable advice. I felt a bit lacking with my one camera and 24-105 lens._MG_5254

I also chatted to a couple of BBC News reporters, as well as John the BBC cameraman._MG_5267_MG_5257 copy_MG_5260 copy

The other photographers were there to capture ‘The Chuckle Brothers’ (to me – to you), but once they had discovered they had already given evidence and left, they decided to leave for other jobs.  That left John the cameraman, Olly from Getty Pictures and me waiting in the cold. It was about two and a half hours before Dave Lee Travis came out, I managed to take a few pictures and asked DLT if I could grab a quick photo, he very kindly stopped briefly and let me photograph him. It was all over so quickly after waiting so long. _MG_5281 copy_MG_5274 copy_MG_5287 copy

I got home after 7pm and then edited the pictures to send to the paper. Sadly none were published, but it was a very good first day and I gained some very valuable advice.


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